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Well, it's about time that I actually put something up here. But I don't really have any thing to write about at the moment.

Maybe I should explain what this place is exactly. This is my personal page. It's a part of a larger group of pages that I manage. They range from help with Half-Life modding to programming information. At the moment there isn't any thing on any of them, mainly because I'm a lazy bastard, so deal.

Until then, I'll point you to my art gallery. I'm mainly a photographer, though I do some stuff with traditional and digital art.

Sparky's DeviantArt Gallery

Hopefully that will provide a bit of visual stimuli while I am still working on the content here. And for that matter, still writing the site software as well.

Also, I'll say up and front right here that my spelling sucks. I'll always try to run every thing through a spell checker, but I can't make any guarantees.

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[ posted 05/30/06 @ 1309 -5 GMT ] by Sparky
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